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Native Broadleaf Trees
Blackthorn or Sloe
Crab Apple
Quick growing shrub, forming an impenetrable stockproof 
barrier when well established. Throws out root suckers requiring regular management. Can be propogated from rooted suckers. Tends to become bare at base  
Blackthorn does well on heavy and
sandy soils. Salt tolerant, suitable for 
coastal and exposed situations
Briars, Blackberry
Briars often provide extra stockproofing in a hedge.  The flowers and fruit provide a wide range of food for wildlife. Blackberry is an important bee plant in Ireland. Briars left unchecked will encroach out into fields
Clematis, Travellers 
Suited to free draining fertile soils, will 
not thrive in heavy cold clays. Crab 
apple occurs intermittently in  
hedgerows and where present should 
be retained and allowed to develop  to maturity
A climbing shrubl often completely covering hedges and bushes. It climbs by twisting its leaf stalks around other plants. The small insignificant greenish creamflowers attract bees and flies. The masses of featheryfruits so conspicuous in Autumn and Winter give thisplant the colloquial name “Old man’s beard”. A shrub thatthrives in  limey soils. Beautiful shrub of the Autumn hedgerow particularly eye-catching after overnight frost
A good hedge can be made with crab. It is less impenetrable than Hawthorn or Blackthorn. Should be mixed with other species. Provides good wildlife habitat and high amenity value