Hedging Tree & Fruit Questions
This is the bit of the hedges.ie website that tries to offer information rather than just take your money... You will find helpful information about our main plant sections here. It covers: Hedging - we have lists of hedge plants for particular places, instructions on how to plant hedges, More lists, this time of hedging plants for special purposes, tips on maintaining hedges... Fruit trees - we try to explain which trees go with which in our section on fruit tree pollination, there is a guide to fruit tree shapes, pointers to planting fruit trees, help with pruning fruit trees.... Standards - this section covers the planting of big trees, and has lists of standards for particular places and purposes - Hedging Plants - Selection - Fruit Trees - Pollination - Hedging - Planting & Care - Fruit Trees - Planting & Care - Plant Diseases & Conditions - Tree Selection - Trees - Planting & Care - Trees - Planting (leaflet)
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